Summary of Events

February 18th, 2023
Shivaratri Celebrations
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2023 Annual sponsorships
2023 Annual sponsorships for year long abhishekams, 12 months of group satyanarayana vratram or membership. Registration link
Donation Opportunity Hamsatoolika Talpam ( Golden swing) - to be used for Pavalimpu Seva of the Divine couple -Sri Ramaa Devi and Sri satyanarayana Swamy Information and Donation link
Donation Opportunity Brindavanam, Deepa prajwala vedika ( Homam Gundam) , Landscaping the temple exterior Information and Donation link
One time registration of your Nama gotras.
Devotees can now provide their Gothranama details in our new One Time Registration Form. Once thats filled, as long as they use the same email address for future registrations, they do not need to provide Gothranama again
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See below for information on how to get your 2022 Annual donation statement